Humourless Marxist Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Worker's Spatula


In collaboration with the comrades at Jacobin, who recently published a piece shattering the widespread misconception that the Star Wars trilogy is a progressive work elucidating the tenants of the Maoist concept of “People’s War”, we at Worker’s Spatula wish to contribute our own critique of Star Wars, a series which unfortunately serves as the primary inspiration for thousands of communist revolutionaries around the world, misleading them in the process.

With the long-awaited third and final instalment of the Star Wars trilogy, we at Worker’s Spatula finally feel confident in assessing George Lucas’s contributions to the proletarian ideology and revolutionary science. We regret to say that despite what may have initially been an earnest effort at promoting communism, his films reveal a mind which is scarcely more revolutionary than George Orwell’s.

Not once in the entire Star Wars trilogy does any character make reference to Marxism-Leninism or dialectical materialism. When…

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