Interview: Alex Gourevitch on Thomas Paine

Until I create a new blog that focuses on my academic interests, this blog will have to serve as both a Freudian-leftist parenting blog about ideology in Pixar and Dreamworks movies, and a grad student blog about property, radical democracy, and literature in early America.

Here is a post from a remarkable blog of Early Americanists called “The Junto” on Thomas Paine’s prescient, if somewhat underdeveloped, conceptions of property and wealth distribution. You might see a little bit of Rousseau in here where Paine attributes inequality to property ownership.

The Junto

Alex Gourevitch is an assistant professor of political science at Brown University. At this summer’s SHEAR conference in Philadelphia, he presented (without reading! It’s still a novelty to us historians!) a paper called “Paine and Property: Radicalism and Anti-Radicalism in Property-Owning Democracy”. In today’s interview, he returns to those themes for The Junto.

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